Eugene Weber

born: Tue. 21 Oct 1958

Grand-Artist Gene Weber
    Gene’s Statement

“Believing art and life are inseparable, my works reflect the world I’ve seen and the life I have lived. This I hope becomes evident through the artwork.”
Eugene Weber was raised in Glenolden, Pennsylvania, along with eight brothers and sisters. A child with quite an imagination, he wanted to be everything from an artist to a puppeteer, spending most of his free time drawing. He attended Mercyhurst College in Erie, PA, a liberal arts college with an exceptional art program, where he earned a B.A. in Fine Art.

From 1984 and lasting until 2001, Eugene worked with a group of artists in the Metropolitan Paterson, NJ area, exhibiting together and working collaboratively on art projects. Between August 1990 and January 1991, he was an artist in residence at the Vermont Studio Center and Colony, Johnson, VT; formerly the Vermont Studio School. Subsequent to this he spent 5 months traveling throughout Europe painting, drawing and visiting museums and galleries.

During the thirty plus years since starting college, his work has been shown in numerous venues ranging from the outdoors to a one-room gallery. For a two-man exhibition in 1995 he created a solo, interactive installation titled, “Lost Objects.” This among several collaborative installations completed over a course of seven years.

He has been involved in the formation of two cooperative galleries, and was enrolled at the Art Students League, NYC in 1982-83. On two occasions in 1992 and 1999, his paintings and drawings have been shown at the Paterson Museum, NJ.

Gene now lives in western Pennsylvania and is still painting. He is my favorite living artist. Pat

Gene and wife

updated: 21 February 2011