Frank Bridges (Francis Ignatius Bridges)

Frank never married nor had children. Frank played the guitar. I received notice Monday December 21, 2009 by Officer Rich of the Deerpark, New York Police Department  that my  brother Frank died on Saturday Dec. 19th at 2:00 PM from a Cardiac Arrest after loading a snow blower into the back of his pickup truck. Frank lived in Middletown, NY. and was 54 years old, he had his own business selling lawn and yard equipment and was a power seller on Ebay. He took pride in being independent, loved the guitar  and was very close to the Lord the last years of his life. Frank had a good heart and he will be missed deeply by his family and friends. Pat

Frank in the kitchen of the Weber house Collingdale, Pa. in 1956 Baby Frank, 720 Ash, Collingdale PA.

Teenage curly-headed Frank Frank in his home studio, 2001 Frank Space Needle Restaurant - Seattle, Wa. - Sept. 2002

Karen and Frank saying goodbye at SeaTac airport Sept. 2002 SeaTac airport Seattle, Sept. 2002

Frank and friend Flo, Therese, Pat around 1985-Collingdale, PA. Frank on the guitar

Frank Bridges Group 1983

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