John Francis Weber

born: Wed. 22 Nov 1899

married:  Sat. 07 June 1924

died: Tue. 28 Dec 1976


John F. Weber 1905
Grandpop Weber approx. 1905
John F. Weber and friends at Atlantic City in 1919
Grandpop Weber with friends in Atlantic City 1919
Mr. & Mrs. John Weber wedding day 07 June 1924
Wedding Day  Sat. June 07, 1924 
Beatrice and John Weber at their son Frank's wedding
At Frank and Betty's wedding?


John Francis Weber

Mr. and Mrs. John Weber on their 50th wedding anniversay
50th Wedding Anniversary

Original obituary from the Philadelphia Inquirer

Weber Photos

The John F. Weber Family about 1958
Front row L to R:
Lioba, Beatrice, Bernard, John F, Therese
Back row L to R
Gerard, John W, Mary, Frank, Lambert

Left to Right
Lioba, Gerard, Frank, Therese, John W, Mary, John F. with Lambert

The Weber house at 720 Ash Ave. Collingdale around 1935
The Weber house back yard around 1935
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