Lambert A. Weber

Born Wed. March 3, 1937 - Died Sat. April 12, 2008

Lambert loved country music and loved to cook, he was a pretty good singer also and did a great Hank Williams imitation. After graduating from St. James High School he joined the Air Force and was stationed in Turkey and Wyoming. In high school Lambert was a talented cartoonist and I used to beg him all of the time to draw me cartoons when I was a boy. Like his brothers John and Frank and his sister Mary  Lambert died from cancer. Pat.


Cowboy Lambert in the Snow behind Grandmom' s House

Uncle Lambert talking to President Eisenhower :-) LU3-5538

Lambert fresh in the Air Force

Lambert, Karen, and Pat at SeaTac airport September 2002

Cowboy Lam in Wyoming 1950s Lambert and his wife Judy  Lam with fish that didn't get away
Chef Lambert in the kitchen Lambert and wife Judy
Lam and Pat. 720 Ash Ave. Collingdale Pa. 1985 Lam's obituary - Delaware On Line -2008

A screen-capture of Lambert's on-line obituary

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