Madeline Martha Moyer b. Aug. 26, 1904 on 9.11.1925 married James F. Crumbach born: 12.28.1900 died: ?
They had five children

Madeline Mary Crumbach: b. 9.29.1926

Bernadette Cecelia Crumbach: b. 2.21.1928

James Francis Crumbach: b. 4.25. 1931 died in infancy

David James Crumbach: b. 8.19.1937

Francis George Crumbach: b. 11.29.1942

James Michael Crumbach (adopted): b. 2.07.1946 has 1 son: Bart David born Oct. ?, 1971

Trivia: James Crumbach (adopted) actually the son of his sister Madeline M. Crumbach

Madeline M. Crumbach was born on Beatrice Moyer Weber's birthday

John F. Weber died on James F. Crumbach's 76th birthday

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