Why must I analyze everything?  Why can I not be like the birds of the air and the lilies of the field?  Are my purpose and duties not very clear?  I must eat to keep alive, clean to be healthy.  I have all kinds of natural tendencies - to love, to be happy, to seek beauty and pleasure - and I learn that for every action there is a reaction and I learn what action to pursue to produce the desired reaction.  I really don’t need books and philosophers to tell me that when I hate, everyone is miserable , and that feelings and emotions radiate from one being to another and that a desirable situation begins with my desirable actions. 

I have experienced hurricanes, tornados, a depression, the effects of a world war, several earthquakes, cancer, a child’s death, rape, physical and verbal abuse.  I don’t need to be threatened that the physical earth reacts to its treatment - that  a lovely little bird I am admiring is suddenly grasped, squealing and fluttering, as the talons of a great hawk grasp it and take it away for dinner.  Yes, I am aware of all these things and I don’t need prophets or books pressing me with fear thoughts that if I am not loving enough the world will end.  I am as loving as I will ever be.  I am the culmination of my thoughts and actions and the only truth I really know is what I myself experience.

I will not be subjected to fear thoughts.  Fear is used to control - it has spawned every war and religion - and I will not be it’s hapless victim.  I met a friend a couple of days ago.  We had a nice conversation over coffee until she began:  the horrors that are about to befall us.  I said, "Yes, I’ve read about all those prophecies in dozens of books."  Not to be deterred and as though insisting that I must be as terrified as she seemed to be (for she was in the process of moving to a safe area) she continued, "But this is not in books, this is Cherokee prophecy by word of mouth and you must be prepared."  I replied that I am as prepared as I will ever be and doing just what I am supposed to be doing.  I have experienced and survived much pain and tragedy.  As they say, shit happens, so I flush it away and go out and pick some flowers.  I feel certain that no matter what, there will always be wild flowers.

This body of mine, was given to me in good condition - I was blessed and it behooves me to maintain this precious gift with every means available - when a problem occurs (as problems do) I ask to be guided to the correct solution and accept the guidance and use it to the best of my ability.

And I modify my diet or habits in an attempt to effect an extra sensory experience, it is not because of some spiritual duty or obligation - it is a scientific experimentation based entirely on my own curiosity and desire to learn.  I believe that all of the apparitions and messages we receive are from specific entities and not from the source of creation - after all, creation is the main message and needs no interpreter.

As for my spiritual nature - I have an awareness that I must be a part of whatever exists or did exist from the beginning - I communicate with this essence of my being - and from observing what I create with my thoughts and ideas I surmise that, in a similar manner, I was also created.  Now what kind of thought must have created me?  I feel I am a product of a loving thought and as such I communicate with the creator.  I see other products of these thoughts in everything in nature and I feel a deep sense of belonging and oneness.  Perhaps some of my loving overtures are tinted with a speck of selfishness and perhaps it is because I was created with an instinct for survival - whatever the reason, I am not going to analyze and categorize my every emotion.  If I am happy and loving, I will hug it to my soul and let no apprehension or worry hinder the spontaneity and the joy that is my inheritance.  I have learned that thoughts radiate and therefore every happy thought is a gift to the world.