naval hospital, portsmouth virginia
Hospital where I was born

Patricio "Pat" Bridges was born in the Naval Hospital in Portsmouth, Virginia. Saturday, 16 Feb. 1946 at 06:34 hrs.

Married on Saturday 4.03.1971 to  Alyse (Lisa) Glick born 2.04.1948 in NY. Later divorced due in a large part to my drug (methadrine) addiction. I quit drugs in August of 1972 and took up bodybuilding. For two years I was the Asst. Gen. Sec. of the American Amateur Bodybuilding Association and got to meet such bodybuilding stars like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lou Ferrigno, Larry Scott, etc.

I never re-married nor ever had children and have been celibate since 25 July 1982.

Currently retired on social security and working part time as a Security Officer and Notary Public in Newton, Catawba county, NC.

Pat (that's me) loves a lot of things, Animals, Children, Females...some of my biggest heroes are Females, History, Science, Computers, Catholicism, the West....Wyatt Earp is my #1 hero, Criminal and Private Investigation, Security, Firearms, All Kinds of Music but Vallenato is my favorite...I love Opera, Weight Lifting, Horseback Riding, Neanderthal Man, Nostalgia, Mars, Antiques especially Radios, Telephones, and motorcycles, Politics, Time Travel, Books, Old Radio Shows, I could go on and on but will say...."This world and this universe are way too interesting to be living in a bubble." Oh yes, I enjoy building websites and have about 30 of them.

Pat in 1947 Granmom's house. The bags under my eyes have returned :-) Pat and Harold Hammer at Doc Watson's Pub 1435 Vine St. Philly - 1985 Pat around 1956 Grandmom's back yard Collingdale, PA. Riding my favorite horse "Cherokee"

Pat in Newton, NC. 1950 Pat and Vicki, 1967 Collingdale, PA. July 12, 2009 - Pat 63 years old

Pat Bridges Security Officer, Nov. 2007 Click here to go to my Batanga Radio Profile Pat and Karen, Christmas in Seattle

Christmas 1955 at 720 ash ave. collingdale, pa Pat in 1965 at 19 years old.

Pat watching the bicentennial parade in Philly - 1976 father Pat and friend Morris Goodwin. Halloween at work 1991.

Pat with good friend Carlos Barillas - 1985 Pat and Tania Delgado. Hispanic Heritage Festival, Philly - 1986 Capt. Pat- Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp 1616

Wedding Day 03 April 1971, Upper Darby, PA. With my little buddy "Dixie" 1989 Philly Pat's modest computer system. The one in the middle he built from scratch. Pat summer of 2004

Pat 28 Oct. 1994 - St. Joseph Church, Newton, NC. Pat with Uncle Herb Bridges 13 Aug. 1984 - Newton, NC. Pat at work Sportswear Printing & Embroidery - Philly 1989 Pat working at CommScope 2002 - Catawba, NC.

Pat Bridges 1st Holy Communion 1952 North Carolina Notary Certificate Pat working at Doc Watson's Pub 15th and Vine, Philly 1983

Pat feeding pigeon from apartment window in Philly Bridges Street Catawba County, NC Pat and Sheena Burgess at the Southern Ball-Salisbury, NC. 2 Nov. 1996

Patricio Bridges - Novitiate Secular Franciscan Order
Photo taken 04 Jan. 2014 after Saturday night Mass.

 My family's home town since 1747, Newton, NC.

Updated: 06 January 2014