Weber Town is more than just another genealogical website it is also a community for the extended Weber family to keep in touch, post the latest news like who just got married, who had a baby, or sadly who died. Our family is scattered all over these United States and we've lost touch over the years and I think the last time we were together in any number was at Grandmom (Beatrice) Weber's funeral in 1993, heck there are cousins I've never met and whose names I don't know. If you have any suggestions on how we can make this website better you can post them in the forum or send them to me in an e-mail . Thank you, Pat Bridges


9.06.12: Wedding photo added to John F. Weber's page.

3.09.11: Several new photos added to Betty Weber's page.

3.07.11: A photo of grandpop Weber when he was about six was posted. Thanks to Gerry Weber for contributing this gem.

The long awaited Weber Reunion will be held on Saturday the 16th of July 2011 for more details write:

Gerard Weber died on Sunday January 23, 2011 from a stroke, he was 77 years old.

Paul Weber was married to Jackie Wyatt on Saturday May 29th, 2010 they've been friends for 25 years.

Frank Bridges died on Saturday December 19, 2009 from cardiac arrest, he was 54 years old.

Lambert Weber died on Saturday April 12, 2008 after an unsuccessful fight with cancer, he was 71 years old.

Anna Manuel Weber died on Saturday June 02, 2007 after an unsuccessful fight with cancer, she was 64 years old.

Mary Weber Sommer died on Wednesday September 18, 2002 after an unsuccessful fight with cancer, she was 77 years old.

Who is this? Photos of Webers or kin with no names


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